Everyone Needs To Learn The Natural Law Of Balance


A question I received: Such notions as “God” or “universal force of nature” don’t interest ordinary people. How can we fit such lofty and global concepts into people’s lives in the 21st century? People do not feel the need for the universal force of nature or its revelation within them.

My Answer: That is not true. We have reached a state today where we all depend upon one another; we are like cogwheels tightly fit together into one system which is currently in opposition to Nature. This is a huge concern because it is the single cause of today’s crises. These crises won’t pass but will continue to escalate thereby demonstrating their effects on an ever growing scale.

This is why a person who doesn’t yet feel that his connection with the world and humanity is opposed to Nature, will discover it either with the help of our explanation or through blows. And even the “smallest” person, seemingly indifferent to all of this, will have to recognize that the way he treats other people puts him either into opposition or in agreement with the balance of Nature.

Each person will need to learn this natural law of balance because without this knowledge, he won’t be able to correct his life. One needs to consider the general system, recognizing and understanding that all of humanity is interconnected, and that mechanical actions won’t correct his soul.

Once a person hears the explanation and understands that his connection with humanity determines his success, his life, his family, health, security, pension, work, etc., he will ask: “How can this be done? How can I correct myself?” Then he is ripe to receive the method of correction.

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  1. You said in tonights lesson that we must enjoy this life, That is confusing being that as we grow in Kabbalah we find a certain distaste for pleasures, how do we balance this with in our work? are we suppose to use every encounter in our life to do dissemination and is that were we get the pleasure from? I use to love to build furniture, and rebuild motorcycles, now it seems all i do is study and work and what dissemination i can is this a correct way of going about things?

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