Unity Is The Way To Receive Complete Satisfaction

Dr. Michael LaitmanA question I received: Why will people’s suffering decrease if they value bestowal more?

My Answer: At first, this will happen because people will want to get closer to each other, even if it is for their own benefit. Then, the closeness to each other will also bring them closer to Nature. And this, in turn, will affect their desires: they will gradually begin to value bestowal in and of itself.

Suddenly, you will sleep better because you bestow to others. You will find that you have medical insurance, social security, a pension, and the opportunity to go on a vacation. You are provided with food and everything you need for you family, your kids, and your elderly parents. You have taken care of others and now others are taking care of you. People will reap the benefits of being connected to others, and this will cause them to value unity and bestowal.

The general process is as follows. At first a person suffers, but then he becomes convinced that the only way out of the situation is to unite with others. When he does, he sees that the unification benefits him, and he then begins to value the actual connection and the quality of bestowal. These are the stages of one’s development.

Therefore, a person should first feel that unification brings him a reward. And then, even if the unification will not be mandatory, he will already feel that there is something pleasant and good about the act of bestowal itself. Thus, a person will feel that unity is positive in and of itself because it gives him additional strength, better relationships, confidence, and a good mood.

Actually, unification fulfills all of one’s desires – even the desires for money, fame, power, knowledge, food, sex, and family. Thus, it turns out that unity enables a person to receive complete satisfaction.

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