This Crisis Is Different Than Anything We Have Seen Before

egoWe are living in a special time, because our uncorrected spiritual state is being revealed through the uncorrected connections between people. This uncorrected form is being revealed on purpose, so we will correct it.

All the previous crises were meant to increase our egoism, whereas the current crisis is revealing that our own egoism is destroying us. In all the previous phases of our development, we continued to think that egoism would bring about greater development. Even fifty years ago in America, everyone saw themselves as the generation that will make progress, attain prosperity and achieve greater consumption. But today all of this egoism and consumption have ended.

For the first time, we are revealing that our egoism is destructive. Everyone is arriving at the same conclusion, because this is how our shattered spiritual state is being revealed. The entire world of yesterday, which was founded on egoism, egoistic advancement and exploitation, is no more.

But the crisis continues, and it will not stop. The blows will keep coming one after another, until we reveal their purpose, discover the medicine and agree to take it.

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