The Crisis Is A Negative Revelation Of Spirituality

love-is-providing-others-with-the-means-to-fulfill-their-point-in-the-heart1A question I received: You have said that we, meaning the world, have reached a state where we are already bound into one whole or one vessel. And according to Nature’s (the Creator’s) plan, this vessel must be filled with the sensation of the Upper Level of existence. However, we don’t feel our connection clearly and the state of the world has no precedents in the past. Could you please explain the meaning of this?

My Answer: Today we are revealing a global, integral connection among us, the effect of a “small village” or the Butterfly Effect. However, we are revealing an egoistic connection between us, together with universal interdependence. Thus, we are finding that we are unable to sustain correct, kind connections among us. This is called “a broken vessel,” because our connection is wrong.

Therefore, the current crisis is a revelation of our spiritual state. Throughout all of human history, until now, we existed on the level of our world. But we are now discovering the next level of Nature through seeing the interconnectedness between all parts of nature.

The world has to understand and internalize this level. After all, we have never been in this situation before. We have always thought of spirituality as something up in the sky, in other galaxies, beyond the boundaries of the universe, or in another dimension. Yet now spirituality is actually being revealed inside us, but it’s being revealed in the uncorrected form – the egoistic connections between us.

Baal HaSulam writes: “We are all one family.” And we are a family even if all of its members hate one another. The connection between us is spiritual. But it’s uncorrected because it’s egoistic. Our task is to correct it, to turn it to, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

Spirituality has never been revealed in all of history before us. This is why our generation is called “the generation of the Messiah,” where the word Messiah originates from the word Limshoch – “to pull” ourselves out of egoism.

Thus, the crisis is the revelation of the broken connection between us. It is not an economic, financial, political or ecological crisis, but a crisis of the relationships between us. And that is what we are now revealing.

We have to give everyone (including ourselves) an explanation of the state we are in. Like a sick person, if we find the cause of our illness, we will be able to cure ourselves. By following the advice of Kabbalists, we can create the right connection between us – that of love and bestowal. We will then find ourselves in a perfect world!

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