Should “Global Dependence Day” Replace “Independence Day” Celebrations Around The World?

connect1A question I received: Israel recently celebrated its Independence Day. In the midst of it, I suddenly thought, “Who are we independent of?” Are we independent of China and Turkey, whose clothing and goods fill our stores and our markets? Are we independent of America and its financial assistance and arms supply? Are we independent of European and Japanese cars and technology? Are we independent of Arabic oil and Russian gas?

And I am not only talking about Israel. I am talking about every country in the world! And this mutual dependency just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

So how can we celebrate any kind of independence? It is nonsense! Maybe we should  celebrate Dependence Day instead – our dependence on each other. This will help everyone understand that by reaching the state of globalization, we have a chance to develop in a better way. Don’t you agree that Independence Day will soon be gone from our calendars?

My Answer: I agree with you and I wholeheartedly await the holiday of “Global Dependence Day”!

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