Kabbalah And Science Debate: Are Dreams About The Past Or The Future?

laitman_2009-03_8183In the News (from The Telegraph): “Difficult day ahead?” Professor Allan Hobson is a leading psychiatrist from Harvard [and] his new model, called “protoconsciousness,” argues that dreaming is not an unconscious process, but a conscious one: not a way of working through unresolved issues, but of preparing for the day ahead. Dreams, he says, serve to provide us with worst-case scenarios so that we can practice our coping techniques in safety – a dress rehearsal for the mental and physical challenges of the waking world.

My Comment: Kabbalah considers dreams to be a process of sorting out data from the day that had passed, in order to make sense of and store one’s impressions of the events that occurred.

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  1. Simple? Is this, what was or were the customs of the east? Did Hashem oppose or hated and warned Israel not to do these? Rabbi I enjoy your Kabbalah.tv site also. I heard this from a friend! Have a great day!

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