Bestowal Can Fulfill Us More Than Anything Else

hopeA question I received: I don’t understand what will happen to society during the period of its transition from the will to receive to the will to bestow. People will no longer be satisfied by money or power, but they won’t yet know what bestowal is.  What will push or motivate people to make acts of bestowal? How will people be able to desire it without receiving any pleasure from this idea?

My Answer: People will feel fulfilled because society will encourage them to bestow. Society will respect and reward a person for his bestowal, and this will fulfill him. The goal of our development is to reach an interpersonal connection among us where just the sensation of this connection will give us the fuel to bestow and love.

At the end of the day, what a person really wants is not just money in the bank, success or power, but inner fulfillment, or a certain attitude towards him from society. All the pleasures that are above and beyond our vital, physical necessities are perceived as intangible, virtual fulfillment.

In addition, there is something we tend to consider more precious than being fulfilled by money, and that is the fulfillment we sense from the respect and recognition of society. This is what the rich and the powerful want as well, but they can’t get it, because when they do attain respect and recognition, it is false, attained through bribery.

The worst thing for a person to experience is criticism, humiliation and contempt from the society and from one’s own children. This is worse than death itself. The opposite of this are the qualities of respect, recognition and appreciation; these give us the greatest fulfillment in life.

Our task is to nurture a public opinion that will compel every person to change, to go from receiving from society to bestowing to society. Everyone will then feel the reward that comes from the opportunity to give to society.

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