Why Do We Have Everything, Yet We Have Nothing?

it-takes-time-effort-and-experience-to-reveal-the-upper-worldImagine that a guest from another planet arrived here. He looks around and says, “Hey guys, everything here looks great! You’ve got magnificent infrastructure all over the world, mobile communications, phones, the Internet, cars, and abundant crops. You have everything! But why is it that despite all this, you’re sitting at home scared, waiting to see what will happen, and soon you may not even have anything to eat?! What are you, crazy? What are you waiting for? Go to work!”

  • And we respond, “We want to work, but there is no one who will hire us.” The guest is appalled, “Well, start doing something! Send ships and airplanes out, take action!” And we say, “We can’t send anything out because no one is paying us, and we can’t do anything else either because the other guys aren’t supplying us with what we need…”

So, what we’re missing is a connection. How did this happen? We were connected egoistically, but now we have risen to the next level where we require altruistic connections. However, we don’t have them. This problem is all-pervasive, and everyone is left absolutely helpless. From now on, the only thing that will make anything work is the correct intention. The only way anything will happen is if people will have the correct intention. For example, the banks that will flourish are those with the correct intention. This is how the world will learn.

But this learning process started many years ago. About fifty or sixty years ago, we began to see that he who conquers by force is not the winner in the end. Rather, the winner is he who is able to arrange his life and business correctly relative to society.(From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article, “One Precept,” on 03.05.2009)

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