We Are All Female In Relation To The Creator

what-does-a-man-look-for-in-a-woman1Two questions I received on what being a woman means in spirituality:

Question: You say that in order to advance spiritually, a woman has to help the male part of the world group, and this is how she will obtain her fulfillment. However, when a woman expresses a direct desire “to be like the Creator,” everyone laughs at this. Should a woman be ashamed of this desire if she has it?

My Answer: Don’t worry. It’s quite the contrary: all of us, men and women alike – all the souls, are the female part of the Kli. We are all the desire relative to the Creator, who is the male part, the One who fulfills us.

Question: In this life I am female. In my past lives was I always female? If I reach equivalence of form in this lifetime, will I be female in spirituality? If so, will a man also be male in spirituality, or female because he will be filled with Light in his vessel which is female?

My Answer: You were always female and you will be female up until the Final Correction.

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