The Global Crisis Is Multi-Faceted

multiIn the News (from The Independent): Humanity is facing “water bankruptcy” as a result of a crisis even greater than the financial meltdown, two new reports show. They add that it is already beginning to take effect, and there will be no way of bailing the earth out of water scarcity.

My Comment: We won’t die from thirst! We’ll drink whiskey…

In the News (from The Guardian):Ten wasted years: UN drug strategy a failure, reveals damning report” Referring to the UN’s existing [drug] strategy, the authors declared that they had found “no evidence that the global drug problem was reduced.” Production and trafficking controls only redistributed activities. Enforcement against local markets failed in most countries.

My Comment: This is happening because people are feeling more and more dissatisfied with life, especially the younger generation, who are trying to find a meaning to life.

In the News (translated from SamaraToday): The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs advises tenants in apartment buildings to unite and organize self-defense brigades in order to protect their homes from vandals and criminals.

My Comment: The cities of the Russian Federation may soon look like the medieval times…

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