Was Karl Marx An Altruist?

building-the-third-templeA question I received: How did Marx derive the Kabbalistic principles if he wasn’t a Kabbalist? Was he an altruist? Is there a fundamental difference between his principles and those of Baal HaSulam?

My Answer: Kabbalah is a science. Its laws are the same in the whole universe and in all the worlds. They are laws of the interaction between the Light – the quality of bestowal and love, and the desire – the quality of reception and enjoyment.

Kabbalah studies these laws from their origin, the World of Infinity, the highest world. It then studies their descent along the 125 degrees of the five worlds, ending with our world. These things are scrutinized in all the Kabbalistic books. Therefore, Kabbalah is the physics of the Upper World.

We research our world using our five senses and mind, and then we synthesize the data we gather, which gives us the corporeal sciences. Likewise, Kabbalah reveals how the forces from the Upper World closest to us descend into our world and become forces of our world. And in fact, Kabbalah then turns into the corporeal sciences. (See the articles, “Kabbalah as Compared with Other Sciences,” and “Kabbalah as a Root of All Sciences”).

In its earthly transposition, the Upper Force is expressed as the physical and chemical laws. That is to say, It manifests on the “still” level of our world. It also becomes expressed as the biological laws, on the “vegetative” and “animate” levels of our world. And finally, It finds expression also as the laws of social and economic development, on the “human” level of our world.

Many sages of our world, who were not Kabbalists, studied our word and thus reached an understanding of the principles of Nature (the Creator). Marx was one of them. By studying humanity’s historical development, by researching modern society, and by using statistics of politics and economics, he gained the correct understanding of the direction in which every human society develops: toward unification into one whole.

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