Use Your Profession In Philosophy To Explain Kabbalah

scientific-theories-cannot-prove-the-existence-of-godThree questions I received about psychology and philosophy as professions:

Question: Today many people work in the fields of psychology, including various techniques for training the mind and soul and for self-improvement. Will these professions be less in demand when the science of Kabbalah becomes revealed? Will all these people be left without work?

My Answer: The profession that will remain is materialistic psychology: the psychology that is founded on real scientific, experimental results.

Question: What is materialistic psychology? I study psychology, but we have not studied anything in this area. Where can I practice and study materialistic psychology?

My Answer: It is the same psychology as what you study, but it is based only on experimental results, without any philosophy and assumptions.

Question: At the Congress you said that you advise people to get a practical profession and you are against all kinds of philosophy. So what should I do if I’m already a student of philosophy and only have to pass the final exams? I live in Israel.

My Answer: You have to find the junction between Kabbalah and philosophy and explain Kabbalah through philosophy. I have some students, including my younger daughter, who have completed studies in philosophy departments. We will find a use for your skills, so go ahead and complete your studies.

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