How Man Fits Into The World’s Interconnection

drugsKabbalah views the entire universe – our world and the concealed Upper World – as one world, separated into two parts only in regard to us. By correcting oneself, one can reveal the second part of the universe.

The matter of creation is the will to receive pleasure. Therefore, all of creation is a single sensitive, living, creative organism. Nothing in creation is a consequence of a coincidental or mechanical occurrence, but rather, everything, including our world, is there as part of the general plan: to bring all parts of creation to perfection.

The correction of man determines the system’s operation – whether it will be active, intelligent and sustainable. There is a law that states, “the whole is identical to all of the parts” (“Prat u Klal Shavim”), and therefore, all the principles operating in the whole of creation also operate in the individual bodies, in the entire ecosystem, in every family and society, and in the global economy.

Because of the general interconnection of everything in the universe, every organism and all the levels of the system must be healthy; otherwise they will undermine the health of the general system. Their interconnection, the mutual inclusion of all the parts into all the other parts, obliges them to this.

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