Do Women Need To Attend Congresses?

international-kabbalah-congress70x70_previewTwo questions I received from women about Congresses:

Question: Before the Congress, a woman from Feiga Ashlag’s group said that women do not have to be present at the Congress. She said it suffices for us just to desire for the men to succeed. Is this really so? Should I go to the Congress next time?

My Answer: Women should definitely be present at the Congresses because this is their only opportunity to participate in unification. Not attending would be a big mistake and a lost opportunity. Besides, I’m not sure where this information came from since I heard that Feiga Ashlag was also present at the Congress.

Question: At previous Congresses I attended (St. Louis, Israel 2008), I felt a connection to everyone. But at this last Congress ‘09 in Israel, although I felt I prepared for it, I was not able to connect to everyone. I enjoyed the songs and watching the men come together, but I did not feel the energy the same way as before. All I can think is that there is something wrong with me, that my desire must not be strong enough. What could it be? My own perception?

My Answer: You simply were unable to come “out of yourself.” Your egoism didn’t allow you to get lost in the masses!

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  1. I am very interested in Kabbalah as presented here, but have difficulties with the role of women in this context. I am 54 years old and have been on diffirent spiritual paths. I do also feel the need of belonging, coming together.

    To be honest I have not really understood what is expacted by women, except supporting the men and dissimination.

    Would be grateful for your answer,

    Lilian ( Sweden)

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