Everything In The World Belongs To Everyone

feedIn the News (from The World Bank): “Reshaping Economic Geography” In his foreword for the World Development Report 2009, World Bank president Robert B. Zoellick notes, “Production concentrates in big cities, leading provinces, and wealthy nations… onto 1.5 percent of its land … But economic concentration leaves out some populations, with a billion people [having to] survive on less than 2 percent of the world’s wealth.

My Comment: The entire world is one family. If we accept this fact, everyone will be okay, and if we don’t, everyone will end up being losers. Before our world became globalized, each person could afford to live alone. But now, in the globalized world, all the decisions must be global. Everything, including natural resources and production, belongs to all people. And the crisis will not go away until we learn this law of Nature.

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