Our World Is A Reverse Mini-Model Of The World Of Infinity

the-rate-of-ones-spritual-development-depends-on-ones-effortsIn the News (from Physorg): “Scientists Model Words as Entangled Quantum States in our Minds” Research has shown that words are stored in our memories not as isolated entities but as part of a network of related words. Researchers have modeled the human mental lexicon as consisting of words that cannot be separated from other words, which may explain why words have many associations, a feature which helps us communicate.

In trying to understand these connections, scientists visualize a map of links among words called the mental lexicon that shows how words in a vocabulary are interconnected through other words. The quantum-based model doesn’t assume that words are separate entities.

A question I received on this news story: But at the same time scientists talk about “memory shelves,” where separate bits of information are stored. So which theory is correct?

My Answer: Any particular part of the universe is similar to the entire universe and is a mini mirror-image of it. The only thing in creation is the World of Infinity, and it is divided into parts that perceive it. These parts are identical to their collective whole, just like in a holographic picture.

Although it’s easier for us to speak in terms of memory cells, whenever we speak about anything, we’re always talking about a mini-model of the only creation – the World of Infinity. The only thing that differentiates the mini-model is its infinitude: it is a finite, fixed desire to love and bestow. This is how the degrees of descent were formed, starting from the World of Infinity and ending down in our world.

In our world, the descent continues. However, it no longer happens in likeness to the quality of love and bestowal, but in different degrees of the desire, “to receive for one’s own sake.”

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