Why Didn’t The Monkeys Come Down From The Trees?

Why Didn't the Monkeys Come Down from the Trees?A question I received: Where did monkeys come from? If monkeys and apes are the closest species to us, then why do they still live on trees? Why not live like we do, in houses?

My Answer: Just like all species in nature, monkeys came from Reshimot (informational data), which manifest in all the species along a sequence, starting from the lowest Reshimo, the most remote one from the spiritual level, and until the last Reshimo, which brings its species to total equivalence with the Creator.

Hence, the sequential manifestations of the Reshimo bring about the development of man from an ape. It wasn’t the ape’s development that caused man to emerge, as Darwin believed, but the realization of the sequence of Reshimo.

However, on the surface it appears as if man really did evolve from animals. Physiologically or bodily, man was born from an ape. However, this happened because a human Reshimo surfaced in the ape – a Reshimo that is completely foreign to the ape.

Today, all of us are still animals in the physical sense, but we have a Reshimo called “Ahoraim De Nefesh de Kdusha” – a point in the heart, which we can develop to become human – Adam, meaning “similar to the Creator.”

Apes don’t have this Reshimo, and this is why they have remained the same and still live on trees. However, I must point out that in order for a person to be different from an ape, it isn’t enough to merely look different…

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