Where Is the World Going – Nazism or Global Unity?

Where Is the World Going - Nazism or Global Unity?A question I received: There are many lies, but only one truth. Our entire world is a crooked mirror, and everything is not what they taught us in school. I learned this from the introductory lectures on the Concept of National Security by K.P. Petrov, leader of Russia’s political “Unity” party. Later I came across Kab.tv and started watching your lessons. What was remarkable is that after Petrov’s lectures, I found all your answers to be obvious. Could Petrov’s concept be a stepping stone on the way to Kabbalah?

What Petrov does is use very simple language to get ordinary people interested in reevaluating their preconceived notions, in going from the concept of “divide and conquer” to “unite and flourish.”

Could you comment on whether Petrov’s concept is useful or harmful, since this movement is gaining popularity and could be an alternative to the present regime?

My Answer: I am not familiar with Petrov or his concept. I don’t explore any other concepts besides Kabbalah. I know that the next regime will be either:

  • Nazism in all the developed countries, and then the path of great suffering will nevertheless bring people to the second path;
  • Or we will directly go to global unity of the entire world – above egoism, by means of the Upper Light that’s drawn through Kabbalah.

All other concepts will vanish before they even have time to develop.

I don’t believe in anything, including Kabbalah. I know the Upper World and its laws, and therefore I am not interested in any human concepts. There are laws of nature, and they govern our development regardless of any concepts we invent.

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