Using the Sixth Sense, One Perceives Like the Creator

Using the Sixth Sense, One Perceives Like the CreatorQuestions I received on perceiving spirituality:

Question: I am absolutely convinced by the way Kabbalah explains everything – the creation, life, and the end of all of this. But in my heart I feel that I need something tangible, something that I can sense with my ordinary five senses, some kind of a clue, sign or miracle. I know that this is not how Kabbalah works and I feel it is rude and ignorant to desire such things, and I should not do it. What do you advise me to do with such thoughts and desires?

My Answer: You will become more and more detached from this desire, because you’ll begin to understand that spirituality is attained differently – inside you. Actually, you even perceive our world, all the corporeal things, only inside yourself. Nothing exists outside of you. Gradually you will begin realizing this, to the extent that you will gain a perception of the world of souls, the Creator, in parallel to your perception of this world.

You shouldn’t do anything forcibly, but only include yourself in the group. Then the desires you receive from the group will draw the Upper Light, which will change you and make you just how you should be, without your intervention.

Question: When you talk about the sixth sense, you don’t mean just one more “sixth” sense in addition to the other five, but five new senses that exist in parallel to the ones we already have, and that operate differently from them?

My Answer: It’s a new type of perception comprised of five parts (from Keter to Malchut with Ohr Hozer). It is called a “soul” and it perceives like the Creator, inside the quality of bestowal, in the Reflected Light. Of course, it is not just an additional sense, as I sometimes say to avoid scaring off the beginners.

After a person gains the ability to perceive in the Reflected Light, in bestowal, he also begins to perceive differently in his five bodily senses, perceiving new relationships and connections between forces, objects, and actions. In addition, he always retains the ability to descend to the regular perception, to be like an ordinary person, to understand him.

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