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Sex of the Full CorrectionA question I received: Originally Adam had only one woman, Eve. Will we return to monogamy when corrected? Or will we not care when we are corrected?

My Answer: Sexual union in our world comes from the spiritual union between the Upper Light and the soul, called “Zivug de Hakaa” by means of a screen. In this spiritual union between the soul and the Creator (the Kli and the Light), the Creator or the Light is the male part which bestows, and the soul or Kli is the female part which receives. In the process of correction the soul (Kli) acquires the property of bestowal, and then it is ready to accept the Light in order to satisfy the Creator’s (the Light’s) desire “to bestow.”

The process of union (merging, Zivug – spiritual coupling) happens in the common desires of both “to fulfill the other with pleasure,” to feel pleasure only to the extent that will give pleasure to the other partner. Hence, what happens is a constant comparison of common desires and intentions (in the Rosh of the Partzuf, before reception inside its Toch), which becomes expressed in our physiology as the movements of sexual intercourse, preceding the outpouring of the Light of Hochma (Ohr Pnimi, semen) into the soul (into the Kli, from the Rosh into the Toch of the Partzuf).

These alternating and progressive mutual movements are meant to create a complete desire in each spiritual partner, by way of interrupting and resuming contact. This creates the possibility of wholesome pleasure: when this level is attained, the Light passes from Peh to Toch – the pleasure enters the desire, as written in the Torah: “As an arrow hits the desired target at the desired time, in the desired woman, and in the desired place.”

Thus, when one’s soul attains full correction, one views sex as the physiological expression of the spiritual connection. And if there is no spiritual connection, then there is no incentive or reason for a bodily connection.

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  1. Thank you, my beloved Rav.

  2. It’s possible to keep a relation between two men or to feel love for another man as man. but nor sexual only love for him I want to read an answer or a viewpoint.

  3. What  does Kabbalah say  about sex before marriage ?

  4. I’v read that Kabbalah is againts the act of wasting semen ( mastubation) A person who has a practice of wasting semen and masturbating cuts himself off from all spiritual light. This act is a big sin in Kabbalah and it is directly associated with Klipot. Why is it so wrong ? I tought that phisical desiers did not have importance in Kabbalah.

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