There Is Such a Party, Friends!

3Question: Where has pacifism gone?! Where is it?! Throughout the 20th century it went  along with the century and developed more and more.

Answer: Where was this pacifism developing? In the First World War, in the Second World War?! The arms race, all these seizures, in Indochina, and wherever else they happened! Revolutions in Cuba, I can list many such things!

Question: But pacifism tried to prevent a Third World War. There were hippie movements, the Beatles, and Angela Davis. Carnations were inserted into weapons and machine guns. Today no one will write A Farewell to Arms like Hemingway, they will not paint The Apotheosis of War.

Answer: I think we have reached a point where the world has realized that everything is over. Enough talking, what is really needed is, if not to disarm, then to thoroughly rein in all the military and politicians.

Through their games, the rattling of weapons, and the desire to show which of them is stronger, like the boys playing in the yard, they bring us to such a state that it is impossible to live with them anymore.

Question: Does it mean that if earlier it used to be just in words, but today it is in deeds so we seem not to hear the pacifists?

Answer: Today there is no such thing because people realized that this should be much more serious. Carnations, flowers, are not enough.

Comment: This is the first time you have had such an optimistic view of the world. The world can think.

My Response: Recognition of evil.

Question: Is this the recognition of evil?

Answer: Of course.

Question: What will we get to? My question is about the future.

Answer: That it is impossible to live like this. What will happen to us in the end?

Question: Will we get to why this is happening? Why is it developing like this?

Answer: People can hear about it already today, but only hear and not make decisions to eradicate the source of this evil.

Question: Is egoism the source of evil, one way or another?

Answer: Of course, this is our egoism. There is no way to escape this fact. Therefore, there is nothing we can do.

Question: Are you saying that people will be able to hear that the source of evil is egoism, but they will not be able to do anything about it yet?

Answer: The fact is that they will not hear that the source of evil is egoism. But they will hear that these are better, those are worse, these are this way, and those are that way, and still all these clashes will lead somehow to war. But we need something completely different.

We need to tell them that there is no need to say that someone is less intelligent or more intelligent, less developed or more developed, someone descended from some cave dwellers 200,000 years ago, and someone else 2,000 years ago lived in a cave.

We do not need this. This will give nothing but anger and a new arms race.

Question: Then what should I, a person, do?

Answer: See what the future might be like. Kabbalah does not consider people, who is worse, who is better, who is in this way, who is in that way. It says it is clear who all of you are—complete egoists.

We all need to rise above our egoism, everyone above his own. Then everyone will be fine. There is no other solution!

Comment: So when you say everyone should rise above their egoism, you somehow say that I must change.

My Response: Me and everyone else. We all must help each other mutually with how to rise above our nature. We all have the same nature. It does not matter who is developed more and who is developed less.

A person will come to this. Here we need to understand that there is a method, there is such a party, and we need to listen to it. Then the world will slowly begin to change.

Comment: There is a big load on us! The whole world.

My Response: There is such a party, friends!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/3/23

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