A Former Alcoholic’s Life Tips

565.02Comment: I heard a story about a famous actor who was an alcoholic. One day he was sitting in a bar with another man. This man started telling the actor about his own success, plans, and great project that would make him rich and famous, and further related that only he knew what truth was. Then the man got up, ran out of the bar, brakes screeched, and this guy was gone.

The story sobered up the alcoholic who stopped drinking and adopted the principle became: “Be calm, never hurry. Do not make the Lord laugh with your plans; do not fight with foam at the mouth, hammering your truth into the heads of others. Remember, your joy and death will come to you in due time, at the right time. You can’t do a damn thing about it.”

Can you comment on this principle of life.

My Response: I agree with him!

Comment: There are a lot of things here. For example, the starting point: “Be calm, never rush.”

My Response: Yes, because you won’t speed up time anyway. To do this you need to move to other coordinates, and you can’t do that.

Comment: So take your time to do some work; don’t rush to earn.

My Response: No. All the same, everything is planned and it should be so.

Comment: The second: “Don’t make the Lord laugh at your plans.”

My Response: Yes, because you will be fulfilling His plans anyway! And His only.

Question: But how can we not make plans? How is this possible?

Answer: In faith above reason. Calmly do everything that comes to you.

Question: Do you think all our plans that we conceive, twist, and run with are useless?

Answer: It is all absolutely useless.

Comment: And “Don’t fight with foam at the mouth, hammering your truth into the heads of others.”

My Response: That is for sure. First of all, what are you trying to prove? That you are more right than they are?

Comment: Yes, usually so.

My Response: But after all, everyone has their own view, their own egoism; so don’t.

Question: And if you have a deep conviction and you know that this is how people will be better off?

Answer: Buy yourself a big mirror and perform in front of it as much as you want.

Comment: Further: “Remember, your joy and death will come to you at the right time. You can’t do a damn thing about it.”

My Response: Exactly. Even if you want to end your life, it will also not work out according to your desire except when it is necessary.

Comment: But we are developing medicine, lengthening our life.

My Response: This is us making our efforts in order to get out of this world in time.

Comment: So you think that even if we didn’t develop medicine, didn’t develop drugs…

My Response: Absolutely everything would be the same.

Comment: It’s very hard for a person to imagine. He invests so much in being healthy and in having a long life.

My Response: You have to sit in the lotus posture like these ancient Indian elders, and look into the distance, into the horizon, and at the rolling waves of this world. And you don’t have to do anything else.

Question: Then can you generalize all this and give a principle by which one should live?

Answer: The principle is very simple; don’t twitch. That’s all.

Comment: So all these career ladders are worthless.

My Response: We see it all collapsing before our eyes.

Question: And the search for the meaning of life?

Answer: The search for the meaning of life is to find a point of balance with the Creator where you understand that everything should go according to His plan. And you humble yourself before His plan, in the end, and swim calmly.

Question: Basically, this whole life path, everything should come down to what you just said? The search for this point of contact with the Creator?

Answer: Yes. Find this current and join it and swim along it.

Question: And when does the calmness that you now radiate come? After running, searching, or after touching something, some truth? When?

Answer: I think that after 20 years of practicing Kabbalah it may already come. And if one is in the right environment, then even before. Because you will hear this from everyone and so on.

Question: And then we return to all these principles: be calm, take your time, don’t make God laugh at your plans; do they become real?

Answer: You don’t interfere with any of your plans and actions. You just live and try to capture more deeply the flow of life.

Question: What do I capture after all?

Answer: You capture what comes from the Creator and takes you away.

This is time, the flow of time. The river of life. And you feel like you agree with it, are ready to lie down on this current, and that it carries you.

Question: And is this the right principle, a properly lived life?

Answer: Yes. You can’t do anything else anyway. On the contrary, the wisdom is to obey.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/15/22

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