Nine Important Rules In Life

571.04Remark: People have developed several universal rules of society. Do they stem from the Kabbalistic point of view, and do we need to adjust ourselves and follow them?

The first rule is: “Try to fill your life and the lives of your loved ones with love. This way you will attract favorable circumstances and prosperity. However, displaying aggression in any form will manifest itself in a constant deterioration in the quality of life and in failure in general.”

My Reply: This is partly true. However, it is better to say: show love to others throughout your life and not just to your loved ones. Then your life will be filled with a completely new, upper meaning.

Remark: “There is absolutely nothing random in life. With your thoughts, words, actions, and deeds you shape your current reality and your future.”

My Reply: This is correct. But only if we understand how to do the right thing. Otherwise, we may think that we are doing the right thing, and life all of the sudden trips us up.

Doing the right thing means to move clearly toward the purpose of creation, not as we want or think, but in the way that it actually corresponds to the program of nature.

Remark: The next rule is related to the previous one: “Our thoughts shape the events and reality of each of us. Learn to think positively and you will create a reality that will please you. And vice versa: rage, anger, hatred, envy, and pride attract failures and bad luck.”

My Reply: I cannot create my life in my fantasies. I have to do this by properly adhering with others, in the correct connection with others: I with them and they with me. If I create my life out of this good connection, then it will really be good.

Question: Many people believe in God. Nowadays even atheists are coming to the conclusion that there is something that controls us. Can a person be connected with the upper universe? How can we connect correctly?

Answer: There is no individual who controls us. God does not exist.

There is a single law of nature, which we must obey. Then we will begin to attain it, and through good connection with it, we will really become masters of our own destiny. We will become Gods provided that we are completely similar to this upper force, the quality of bestowal and love.

Remark: Another rule: “No matter how serious your offenses are, the universe still loves each one of you. Remember, however, that it is giving us what we need at this very moment, which is known only to it.”

My Reply: Yes, that is correct. You can say so.

Remark: One of the main universal laws is the law of equivalence of form. If you do not love yourself, then others will not love you or will neglect you.

My Reply: I need to love others and only others. Only for their sake and only for them. This is the only correct rule.

Question: Where can I find an example of this?

Answer: In the fact that now you love yourself egoistically. Imagine that you have to switch over and love others in the same way.

Remark: “There is absolutely everything inside a person: power, fame, honor, money, and beauty. The task is to release all the abundance into the reality around you.”

Answer: Indeed, if a person gives everything he has to others, he will be the happiest, the wisest, the most corrected, and everything will be good for him.

Question: What does it mean “to give everything he has to others?”

Answer: He will be bringing them to the most comfortable, the best, the most perfect state, not to what they want, but to what actually exists at the top of nature. Just like a mother who wants to educate a child: she does not do everything the child wants, but does the best possible for him so that he reaches the most perfect state.

Remark: “Do not classify people around you into good and bad.” Is there a correct criterion by which people can be evaluated?

My Reply: Of course. A person who does everything for the benefit of society is good and vice versa.

Remark: “For the universe, there are no such concepts as guilt, punishment, and so on. It is important not to ask “What do I need all this for?” But, “Why do I need all this?”

My Reply: This is correct.

Question: Does the universe have such concepts as guilt or punishment?

Answer: Improvement. Correction. It is to lead a person to the need to be in complete bestowal to everyone.

Question: What is the most important rule of the universe?

Answer: Love.

Question: How can one learn to love?

Answer: You cannot learn that. You have to teach yourself. Constantly, in a group, in connection with your own kind, according to the method of Kabbalah. This is exactly the result of the correct implementation of the method of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/7/20

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