Mutual Care

627.2Question: Do you agree with the statement that parenting is necessary for the parents themselves? After all, when I bring up children, I improve myself.

Answer: Of course, however, future parents need to be educated before they have children. And even after that, it is imperative that parents are clearly accompanied by all sorts of relevant organizations and specialists.

Question: In different cultures, relations between generations develop in different ways. There are cultures in which parents are very helpful to their children, and there are cultures that believe that children should develop themselves. How much do you think parents should help children and until when?

Answer: I think parents should help their children all their lives, but only to such an extent that would not constrain the children and would allow them to become independent parents themselves.

Nevertheless, parental care for their children should accompany them throughout their life. Likewise, children should mutually care for their parents.

Question: Do you think that at some stage children are obliged to start taking care of their parents?

Answer: Naturally. No one can replace this relationship. You can inundate the elderly with money and various types of services, but if the children do not take care of them, no one can replace them.

Comment: This is especially important today.

Answer: Unfortunately, today we have done everything to avoid taking care of either children or parents.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/21/20

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