Peace Is A Balance Between Two Forces

232.06Question: Why do all biblical stories of the Torah place such emphasis on war? There are always some conflicts going on in it.

Answer: Because war is a natural state of the world that consists of two opposing forces.

Bringing these forces into some kind of balance with each other, into some kind of more or less correct interaction, so that we can benefit from the fact that they are opposite and at the same time work together for some one purpose–this is peace.

Question: Yet, on the other hand, it is written that the entire Torah is the law of love. Where is love there?!

Answer: The Torah explains to us how we can constantly try to hold both forces so that they work for one single purpose. Then there will be peace.

In other words, the Torah is an instruction on how to balance the two forces of nature within a person and how to correctly direct them so that there is peace in the world.

“Army” in Hebrew “Tzava,” “Tze,” (exit) and “Bo” (entrance), means alternate exits of a person from under the control of egoism and entrances into it.

The same thing happens at all levels. All we do is feel one or the other force influencing us, and try to maneuver between them.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/1/22

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