A Special Code For Making Peace

550We all come from the same root, from one unique and unified upper force. Even the disputes that flare up between all the inhabitants of this world at all times—those that are happening today, those that happened before us, and those that will be after us—also come from the upper force, because there is none else besides it.

The Creator created this dispute in order for us to reveal all the differences that exist between us in all the forms: in good and evil, bitter and sweet, truth and lies, light and darkness. We are able to feel and take into account only differences, and on their basis we determine connections and contradictions in order to cover all crimes with love.

This is impossible without the dispute that is revealed between the opposite sides. The more our oppositeness is revealed, the greater the differences between our qualities, the more we have the opportunity to understand creation, to feel ourselves, and finally to feel the Creator, to whom we all are opposite.

All these clashes and disagreements between us do not exist by chance, but are specially created by the Creator so that we would be able to feel and know Him. Therefore, the dispute is necessary for our existence. If there are no disputes, differences, and feelings of contradictions, we do not feel that we exist.

The entire difference between alive and dead, which gives a sense of life, exists only through disputes. The Creator created the entire creation as the opposite of Him, and the feeling of this opposition gives us the opportunity to exist and turn it to be in our favor, directing the desire to receive toward bestowal. The combination of these two opposite forms allows us to understand creation, ourselves, and the Creator.

Therefore, there is no choice, we have to always come from darkness to light each and every time, at each and every degree, and in each and every state, reveal contradictions. It is exactly by connecting contradictory sides that we attain the essence of creation and understand why the Creator created us with such qualities.

This is why the dispute is now flaring up in the form of a war. This war is special, it is not just a simple corporeal quarrel, but much more internal in comparison with all the previous ones. This is a war of a new kind for the ideology that the Creator wants to instill into humanity so that we can feel and attain the forms of nature created by Him and to eventually attain Him. We are like clay in the hands of a master, and we come out with a new mind and feelings.

“Peace” (Shalom) comes from the word “perfection” (Shlemut). The world is the name of the Creator, the connection between all the disputing parties, which, would seem, is impossible to bring closer to each other even by a millimeter.

Then suddenly we see that there is a special code, a method, of making peace. It is impossible to bring the conflicting parties closer together directly, but through the upper force everything suddenly adds up for the joint existence. It cannot be in any other way! The upper force could not reveal itself between us in any way other than inside this dispute.

It is necessary to come to peace (to perfection) from the dispute. One thing is impossible without the other, and therefore everything begins with confrontation, with the recognition of disputes.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/11/22, “Winning the War (against the evil inclination)”

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