It Is Worse Than Armageddon

962.1Question: Igor asks: “Is Armageddon, the war of Gog and Magog happening now?”

Answer: In general, it is happening all the time. But there is no such state for us to feel it in ourselves so we see what it is, what it is for, in the name of what, and so on. So we say that it is not happening yet and it will be in the future.

But in principle, this is an awareness of the state we are in and the state it is desirable to come to, the state we are finally coming to.

Today we cannot imagine the future correct state. It is worse than Armageddon. So, we must be led to this state by being consistently taught, and having all our insides revealed and shown to us.

Question: Wars, hatred?

Answer: Hatred and wars, there are many ways to explain to a person who he is and why he still needs to go through negative feelings. Only then will we begin to appreciate the state of truth, love.

Question: Tell me, please, will we be grateful for the terrible conditions that we have passed through?

Answer: We will hold on to them because if they disappear, then the right and useful states will disappear. Nothing that is done goes unnoticed. We must absorb it all.

Question: That is, will I be grateful even for all this?

Answer: So it is said: A person should bless both good and evil.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/28/22

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