Why Do We Need Billions Of Inhabitants On The Planet

3Question: Today, technological innovations and inventions allow most of the things done by people to be done with the help of machines. Robots and automated systems are increasingly replacing humans.

Driverless cars and drones delivering food and medicine to houses no longer surprise anyone. In many countries this is already being tested. But this frees many people from working. What should we do with them?

Answer: The number of people released from work should be very large in order to make it easier to convert our egoism into its opposite, altruism, the quality of bestowal and good connection. After all, it is divided by the number of carriers of egoism. And so it is relatively small in each of us.

If we had the strength to resist our nature, then, of course, we could be like Adam and Eve. We would not need to be divided into eight billion parts.

Since we are very weak but still must convert our egoism into a good connection between us, by changing our attitude toward the world, that is, practically changing the world, we need this great number of people.
From KabTV’s “Virtual World” 2/9/22

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