Our Inner Battle Of Armageddon

migrationPeople are opposed to Kabbalah because they have a subconscious feeling that Kabbalah’s wisdom will destroy them. This is their egoism fighting Kabbalah in a war called The Armageddon, or the War between Gog and Magog, which was described by the prophets as the war of the Light against the darkness.

This is a lengthy, tiring battle that a person wages inside of him. But in addition to the inner war, we must also fight Kabbalah’s opponents in our society. This is a battle against the “Erev Rav” (Mixed Multitude), which is described in The Book of Zohar.

There’s no doubt that this war will be won by the Creator, the force of the Light, bestowal and love. But the amount and duration of people’s suffering depend on the efforts we make in this war. The best way to fight a war is to attack, as the Creator said, “Let’s go to Pharaoh, for I have hardened his heart!”

We have to initiate the war against egoism, both externally and internally, without waiting for it to attack us. We will then accelerate the process of correction.

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