Wars Are A Consequence Of Internal Confrontation

599.02Question: When I interpret all wars as my inner desires, and supposedly kill them or take them prisoner, does it mean that I do not use these desires?

Answer: Not only that. It means to change, to perform restriction your desires.

Question: The Torah says: “They came and killed all seven nations.” Moreover, they killed all the men.

You say that the nations of the world are a person’s egoistic intentions and women are desires. That is, to kill all men means to kill an egoistic intention in oneself, and then only to use women (desires)?

Answer: “Women” symbolize desires without intention. Therefore, new intentions can be attached to them, altruistic ones, and then they can be used.

Question: But still, there is a clear correspondence that the spiritual root should manifest itself in our world, therefore, there was a seizure, people were killed, and this is somehow difficult to perceive. How can the Torah, which speaks of love, give such instructions?

Answer: The Torah speaks of love as the highest state of connection between people, which is carried out precisely on the coincidence of intentions. And if these intentions are opposite, then it is not about rapprochement, connection and love, but about hatred and war.

Question: Then what should be done in the outside world?

Answer: This is what happens in the outside world. The consequence of the internal dichotomy, separation from each other, opposition in our world, leads to wars and extermination.

Comment: It turns out that the people of Israel could not correct any desires in themselves, and therefore destroyed seven nations in the outer world.

It is clear that when you are attacked, you must be the first to kill the one who came to destroy you. But it is not clear how you can take, capture, or kill in our world.

My Response: This is a consequence of the spiritual roots manifesting in our world. The Torah speaks only of spiritual roots. And what happens in the material world comes from just such a confrontation.

You cannot use some current or past or future values, assessments, and criteria to say whether it is right or not. At one time, everyone acted like that and there was nothing special or shameful about it. On the contrary, people were proud.

Comment: That is, it is better to take it all on a spiritual level and use it in relation to a person’s desires. And the fact that this happened in history, so it was accepted. It is clear that there was no liberalism, democracy, and human rights anywhere.

My Response: This is all the philosophy of our time. I understand that it is a stumbling block for many liberals and modern people. But they do not understand what modernity means, that in the past everything was completely different.

There were other people, different views, everything was treated differently. If today we saw a person not even of the 17th or 18th, but the 19th century, we would be amazed at his actions, his behavior. It would seem very strange to us, and we would not be able to perceive it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/14/21

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