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294.3Question: Do people really have to lose everything in order to start listening to Kabbalists? Is it correct to say that when they lose everything, they will have a completely different approach?

Answer: The fact is that on the one hand the world should be thoroughly shaken; on the other hand, we have to tell the world about Kabbalah. Without this, they will not discover it. There should be a showcase that people walk past all the time without noticing and then suddenly notice.

As correctly shown in Harry Potter: suddenly you enter the platform 9 ¾ through the wall. You are walking down a normal London street and suddenly you walk into some side door, and suddenly there is the 15th century there, although it is the 20th century on the calendar.

This is how all of humanity passes by the entrance to the other world. Everything is explained to them, but they do not feel it yet. They have no need to turn their heads and look at this showcase that displays Kabbalistic books, explanations about the meaning of life, and our media. They just do not notice them; they glance at them, and move on.

It requires inner suffering, an inner search: “How can I save myself? Where is the exit from this state, for the world and for me personally?” When this question arises seriously, then the search for an answer to it will begin.

This will be the case in many countries of the world. In humanity it will become an obsession: “What should we do? For what and how?” That is when people will certainly look anew in the direction of Kabbalah.

Suddenly they will say: “Ah! How did we not notice this before? It turns out that the Internet is full of this information! See the huge amount of material! We do not know what to do, where to go, but they have where to go: all kinds of groups, centers, open university, radio, television; everything is there.”

That is, on the one hand, we are preparing for this; on the other hand, their inner soul-shaking will make them pay attention to Kabbalah.

But we should not wait for them to be shaken. You have to love people because they are a part of you. Now you do not feel them yet, but you will begin to feel that this is your integral part.

You will suddenly feel them closer than you feel yourself. You will begin to love them more than yourself when you discover what the rest of humanity means to you. It turns out that this is the innermost, most important, and most beloved part of you.

All the most hated, most distant people, whom you neglected, could not touch, could not think about, and absolutely did not want to see next to you, suddenly will be revealed to you as the most desirable and dear.

It is impossible to convey what changes will occur. You will perceive them as a part of your soul, only the innermost part.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is History?” 4/5/11

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