In a Single System

566.01Question: Do you, as a Kabbalist, take people’s material situation into consideration?

Answer: Of course I do! I have to consider them with love and empathy like a mother toward a child, and only with the understanding of what is for his benefit rather than what he wants himself.

For this, a certain spiritual maturation must take place in a person. I do not turn to my baby and do what he wants. I do what is best for him, maybe even against his will.

Question: But you feel people much more than many of your students. Although you say you do not understand the level they talk about, you give out such information that is understandable to external people.

Answer: Because I cannot help but feel humanity.

I do not feel mechanical, purely artificial systems created by people; for example, all kinds of financial, banking systems or tricks they pull in business. I cannot feel this mechanics because there is no analogy to them in the spiritual world.

But when it comes to the whole of humanity, its nature, and man himself, his aspirations, and problems that need to be corrected, I of course know better than everyone else. Although these problems may not affect me personally, I feel them because I am included together with everyone in a single system.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Problems of Kabbalah” 2/18/11

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