Only People With The Point In The Heart Can Feel That Kabbalah Is The Salvation

pointTwo questions I received on how to talk to people about Kabbalah:

Question: How can a person who’s on the animate level understand that he needs to be corrected just from the blows he receives? If a person has never studied or even come in contact with Kabbalah, how is it possible to explain to him that all the bad things happen because we act incorrectly? People who experienced major tragedies change their outlook on life, but still, they don’t always choose the path of Kabbalah.

My Answer: We see great suffering in the world, sometimes even worse than death, and this has gone on for millennia. Sometimes death seems like redemption, yet our nature, our will to receive, does not let us give up our lives. And despite all of this, people do not aspire to Kabbalah as a means of fulfillment.

Why don’t they see that the method of neutralizing all the evil and acquiring the good is right under their noses? And even if we offer it to them, they won’t hear us! It’s because a person can “choose Kabbalah” only when a specific desire (Reshimo) surfaces within – the “point in the heart,” the desire to fulfill one’s soul.

But if the desires (Reshimot) surfacing in a person are still prior to “the point in the heart,” they are considered preliminary. His life takes place inside these desires and there he remains, despite all the suffering, and he won’t perceive that Kabbalah is the salvation. Perhaps he will throw himself into mysticism, religion, and other practices, but not yet Kabbalah.

Question: When is it best to talk to people about Kabbalah and when to keep quiet? I travel a lot and meet many different people, with whom I talk about Kabbalah. However, lately I started to understand that by talking to people about Kabbalah, I’m doing something wrong. Still, I know that this is the purpose of my life and of my travels. How can I do it better?

My Answer: You can talk about it, but in a simple, not overbearing manner, in a way that your listener will like. It would be good to give them a newspaper or a book with our website’s address on it.

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