The Kabbalah Channel, YES 66, Brings Good Changes

I’m receiving many letters that once people turn on our new Kabbalah channel, they simply stay glued to it and can’t turn it off. I’m certain that after a brief period of hearing Kabbalistic texts in the background, people will begin to feel a change happening inside them and in the world at large – a change toward Goodness. This won’t be an illusory change, but a genuine change of man and the world, since it will be performed by Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) – the only force that can turn everything around toward Goodness!


24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Free of charge
Watch diverse programs about Kabbalah
For the whole family

By simply watching or hearing these programs, one evokes the influence of good forces upon oneself, as Baal HaSulam writes in item 155 of the “Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot“:

“While one has not attained perfection, the Light that is destined to fulfill his soul is considered the Surrounding Light.

Hence, when one engages in the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Light immediately shines upon him to a certain measure, bringing him much closer to reaching perfection.”


  1. Rav Laitman, do you have plans to broadcast Channel 66 content over for those of us not living in Israel?  Thanks, Sally

  2. I have to agree with Sally ‘s 2008 request: Broadcasting channel 66 on will be excellent news for the rest of us living outside Israel.
    Lehaim to the whole kli.

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