What Is Sex?

294.4Question: Why is such a thing as sex so hidden? What is sex?

Answer: Sex is a fusion of two opposite qualities that connect with each other in order to rise to the next level.

Initially sex was conceived in nature as a connection of creation with the Creator. Creation is a feminine principle that wants to receive fulfillment from the masculine principle, from the Creator. And when the Creator gives it fulfillment, this fulfillment develops in the feminine principle and generates their next, mutual, middle stage.

The purpose of all creation is to come to such a combination with the Creator. This act of spiritual copulation of the one creation with the one Creator is described in the “Song of Songs” by King Solomon.

Since the state of fusion of creation with the Creator is the highest, it gives the greatest pleasure in our world. Therefore it is said that love and hunger rule the world as two basic instincts.

Hunger is understandable to us; it also exists at the animal level. And sex on the animal level exists instinctively in the same way as food does. The animal needs sex and does it according to the program at certain times of year.

But man does not, because it is precisely in this that he has freewill to come and merge with the Creator. Therefore this feeling in a person is not dictated by nature, but is given to him in perfection so that he can control it himself.

Since we are in an egoistic state, we manage it completely wrong. And if a person comes to a spiritual state, then, on the contrary, he begins to correctly control his sexual impulses.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Sex?” 2/27/11

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