Inner Voice: Enemy or Friend?

198Question: Let’s talk about the inner voice.

A child often speaks aloud to himself. Then it is ends and this inner voice goes inside. Also, a person speaks in an inner voice all the time. Scientists say that the inner voice helps us make decisions, move toward goals, avoid mistakes, and enjoy happy moments in life.

But the inner voice can also become our enemy, reproaching us for mistakes and reminding us of embarrassments. Then it is not easy with this inner voice, and it is not easy to curb it. It eats you up and it gets very loud. Why does it happen at all and is it possible to control it?

Answer: This is our multilateral and multilevel nature when we can talk to ourselves, argue, joke about ourselves, and so on. Only humans have it, no one else has it, not even monkeys.

Question: So can I internally make fun of myself: “Look at what I am”?

Answer: Yes. This is a very interesting trait in a person because it is thanks to it that he rises above himself and controls himself.

Question: Can a person change thanks to an inner voice, thanks to controlling it?

Answer: Yes, a person can change thanks to his inner voice. He can be in contradiction with himself, scold himself, and blame himself. Not to be flat, but multileveled. This is a very good, special property in him. And when you see such people, such a nation, it is especially felt in them how rich they are internally.

Comment: And here is what it sounds like, and I even hear it often: “What did you do? Why did you do that? What have you done there?”

My Response: It is natural! How can a person develop if he does not have it?

Question: Is this development?

Answer: This is development, without it there is none. This is not self-eating, this is self-criticism that determines the next, higher degree.

Question: How can you control the inner voice? Is it even possible to control it?

Answer: You need to connect with it and try to assess where it is leading you. It takes me by the hand or by the ear and walks next to me, or follows me, pushing against my back, pushing.

That is, I must understand my inner voice, I must try to determine: where does it work within me at all?

Question: Where did it come from anyway?

Answer: I believe that it is from above. This is my angel, who leads me further to correction, to overcoming all kinds of difficulties that he, himself, places in front of me. He leads me through these difficulties like an older one takes a child by the hand and leads him, showing him how to go through all kinds of obstacles.

Question: Do you think that when I fall, he still holds my hand even at that moment?

Answer: Of course. And if not, then specifically so that I fall and learn how to fall and get up.

Question: Do you still define it as a kind father?

Answer: There is no evil in the world at all. Actually it is always a good angel.

Question: Then it turns out that there are no mistakes at all, right? Here he told me something, the inner voice: I made a mistake!

Answer: There can be no mistakes because I do not make them.

Question: You say very high things. If possible tell me, how do I relate to the inner voice, and how do I live with it?

Answer: I need to treat with love that upper force, which incarnates, dresses in me, guides me, guards me, and shows me the right path at every moment of my existence.

And the more I try to feel it, the more clearly I will understand that this is the Creator, and thus He guides me, and teaches me. I will get to a point where I will be constantly in touch with Him.

Question: So, must I give myself up, annul, before Him?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And so, follow this inner force, as if going with the flow?

Answer: Do not resist.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/3/23

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