Connecting New Souls

938.01Question: What category of souls should join your students? How sensitive are they, and what will they perceive?

Answer: These souls are more sensitive to correction, more realistic, and less amenable to all kinds of conventions. They are much more categorical, more specific than us, because they are much more egoistic. I hope they will push us forward as well.

Every time new students come, they create a new, good, more advanced atmosphere.

On the other hand, I am based on some of my old students who have been with me for many years. They clearly understand everything, learn it, and perceive it correctly.

Question: Do the old students prevent the new ones from receiving information from you? Do they complicate it?

Answer: There is nothing you can do. I have to teach everyone who wants to learn, and in no way can I prefer some to others. This is not my prerogative at all, and not is my control. As Rabash said: my store (i.e., the source) should be open to everyone. Anyone who wants to listen to me is welcome. If he does not want to, he is free to leave.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Role of the Kabbalist” 3/6/11

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