“Teacher And Student” Is A Connection Between Two Spiritual Levels

The Reshimot Surfacing Today Demand Spiritual Ascent of All HumanityA question I received: Regardless of everything you’ve said about the need for a Teacher in order to attain Kabbalah, I still have a very precise feeling that it isn’t right to settle for intervention from another person, an intermediary between myself and nature. I don’t want to attain it through someone else.

My Answer: You are like a child who decided to be in charge of his own education. If the Creator reveals Himself to you like He did to several special souls such as Adam, Abraham, and Moses, then perhaps you don’t need anything else – not even Kabbalistic books. However, if you’re one of the rest of the souls, then it’s useless to search on your own, because this is how the system itself is built.

“The teacher – student relationship” isn’t something we invented. It isn’t talking about people, but about a connection between the Upper Level and the lower level. We’re only using the quality and interconnection of the system of the souls. There is no other way to have a spiritual birth.

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  1. This is the area of most difficulty to me too because I am now suspicious of ‘teachers’ because they actually do have good intentions yet they can be “wrong”.  I’ve heard all the warnings of the blind leading the blind into the ditch, the biblical injunction to “call no man father”, the psychological power of a cult leader and I have personally been in awe of a preacher in the past only to discover that all his study and dedication was either wrong or incomplete.  Now I find myself unable to truly trust consistently because I cannot even trust my own judgement/discernment of people.  How is this sort of situation overcome?

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