Desires of a Kabbalist

294.2Question: What are your desires as a Kabbalist?

Answer: To see the world corrected. Really. After all, a sense of hopelessness awakens today in the world more and more. Of course, this is terrible and disturbing because hopelessness threatens us with a terrible explosion.

People do not understand what kind of explosion this is when humanity will simply burn. A person cannot extinguish himself; he will slowly burn out. Moreover, this is not just a physical fire, but a slow burning out from the inside, like with radiation from the consequences of nuclear explosions. This is horrible. A person will be gradually charred.

I convey these physical states in such words that we understand. Moral suffering will be much worse.
People have no idea what they are playing with. They believe that some kind of explosion is a solution. They do not understand that if such an explosion occurs, it will be too late.

I am very afraid of this. You see, I am not at the age to be afraid for myself. I feel sorry for humanity because along with this, it has a very simple, easy opportunity to bring itself to an ideal state, to eternal perfect life. Here it is in front of us, we just need to raise our heads a little.

When millions will be engaged in it, the methodology will immediately become clear. It could not be more understandable if it is the destiny of hundreds of thousands of people. But when it becomes the destiny of hundreds of millions, then it will instantly become clear for everyone.

If two hundred years ago a modern car had been shown to a person, he would not have been able to drive it. He did not have these skills: pull here, twist there, press the pedal here. Now, however, a child gets behind the wheel and drives because this is the destiny of billions of people. Therefore, it becomes the heritage of all.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Wealth?” 3/24/11

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