294.4Question: What is spirituality?

Answer: Spirituality is floating in the quality of bestowal and love.

But in the understanding of an ordinary person, spirituality is films, paintings, and music. On the corporeal level, that is what is being called spirituality.

Question: But since the sixties of the last century, people have gone on all sorts of searches for the spiritual. For example, the Beatles went to India for this, someone else went somewhere else, etc. But were they really looking? Or was it just a trend?

Answer: What else could they do? Nothing. What could spoiled boys from England find? They were searching, of course. A little bit of drugs, a little bit of something else. Their producers were also like that; they died of an overdose.

Question: So they reached the maximum fulfillment of desire within the usual framework. That is, at that time were they fully content in all corporeal desires?

Answer: We think so. On the corporeal level, this is not possible. The more you receive, the more empty you feel. So what if I have everything I want? What is next? I stay inside myself— alone. This is what drew them to India and other places.

Question: Now there are a lot of people who are looking for spirituality. Why can they find the answer specifically in Kabbalah?

Answer: They cannot find anything in it either because they have not grown to that level yet. Their questions remain at the level of new age, mysticism, and meditation: “Show me some posture so that I can meditate.”

I have been to places where there are huge closed communities that do nothing but sit in a circle.

Moreover, these are modern American boys and girls who completely deny earthly life and sexual relations. They need only a modest meal, and the rest of the time they sit and meditate in the mountains, in North Carolina.

I do not understand this at all, but they see spirituality this way.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. What Is Spirituality?” 3/13/11

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