To the Extent of Development of the Desire

715Question: Are all the variety of objects in the universe (planets, people, and so on) desires?

Answer: Absolutely everything!

Question: So are all the planets and stars the desire to receive?

Answer: No. If I feel something, I feel it in my desires. If I have no desire for a huge number of objects, then I do not feel them. They do not exist for me. As the desire for them awakens in me, I will begin to feel their existence. In other words, if I now observe some planets and stars, it means that there is some desire in me.

Comment: What if we take a small child who is not yet developed and does not know that there is such a variety of objects?

My Response: He exists only in our sensations, and in his own only to the extent that desires have developed in him.
From KabTV’s “Introduction to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” 5/14/23

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