Don’t Paint Spirituality With Corporeal Pictures

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the process of development, having reached a comprehensive age, we have become equipped with a huge arsenal of images and concepts about the elements of this world. Hence, we are able to divide and connect various pictures and meanings in our imagination or in action. Therefore, when we hear about something, we can imagine it based on what we know about “something similar” even if we have never seen this object and have no relation to it.

As to spirituality, we have no idea about it, nor any contact with it; we have no knowledge of its elements that we could sort and divide or connect in order to imagine something “similar.” We read about spiritual phenomena, and, if we imagine something in pictures, we ought to realize that we are deceiving ourselves. In this case, we take images of the corporeal world that are familiar to us, and, from them, in our imaginations, we put together, as it were, pictures of the spiritual world.

Since this path is known to be false, we, while studying Kabbalah, try not to put anything together in our mind and feelings, but to act from what is described, as “the judge has only what his eyes see.” Adding things (intellectualizing and fantasizing) is not allowed since it signifies form that is not dressed in matter. Kabbalah is against it because we have to attain a form dressed in matter. If we start imagining forms that are not dressed in matter, they will always be false forms borrowed from our world, and we will never know the truth.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/20/10, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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