Who Is Allowed Into the Spiritual?

275Comment: You said that of those who do not have a Masach (screen), people with less desire, less egoism, for example, yogis, are closest to spirituality.

My Response: Naturally. But what does “closer” mean? The level of babies, who are closer to the mother because they are completely dependent on her,  have no independence.

And when they begin to develop independence, they want to somehow approach, feel, understand, and be in it, they will begin to move away, gain egoism, and only then begin to approach the spiritual. That is, their path is not close, not by a small leap.

You can enter spirituality only with huge egoism, which you have already recognized as evil, and you are sure that you need to correct yourself.

Comment: But you say that great egoism without a Masach (screen) is the most terrible evil, the furthest from the Creator.

My Response: Without a Masach (screen), it is all the evil of the world. Certainly.

In fact, this is small egoism, small desires. Real egoism is in the spiritual, when in spiritual falls you want to use the Creator (upper force) for yourself, become great, rule over Him, as in the fairy tale about the golden fish: “I want to rule!”

This is where the person stops and starts again. That’s all right, everything must be outlasted.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Biggest Еgoist in the World” 7/14/12

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