On the Threshold of Awareness

1.02Comment: I notice that people become more patient with time. Even overly active students who used to shout, try to prove something, and lead revolutions became calmer. They began to understand that it is not about external changes but internal ones.

My Response: Today the world is so well disposed to attain the Creator, to reveal Him, which is simply amazing! All the circumstances surrounding us help push us forward. And what else is there to do in this world?

Twenty years ago it was still impossible to talk to people about Kabbalah. Thirty years ago they didn’t care about us at all. What do you do? Is the world created to think about some high matters? “Grab everything you can! Whoever has a longer yacht has succeeded in life.” And now this all passes away. Some kind of realization is coming.

Of course there is a need to occupy life with something. People get carried away and  play with everything like boys in the yard, do this, and this, or that, in order to occupy themselves. They need excitement; they need a sense of life! It is just a pity that they feel this life for themselves in the form of a game. And there are people who are malnourished, do not know where they will lay their head, and so on. That is such a theater.

So this is a problem. However, according to the people who come to me, I see that they really feel that the world is not the same anymore. But it is they who are not the same! What about the world? Does the sun not shine?

Of course everything is changing. Look at the ecological situation! We see what is happening in the world. These are the first small waves of a hurricane, a cyclone, or a storm that is approaching us and will be flooding us. And humanity will not be able to do anything, even if it throws all its strength at it! Nothing!

Subsequently, it will discover that our desire and our thoughts are the greatest weapon in the world that is able to resist or cause any changes in the world. If we think well, and for us it is like thinking about a white elephant (it is almost impossible), yet if we somehow come to this state, then we will survive. And if not, then we will drown, die, and burn.

This is the problem; I have to think well, but I can’t. How should we act in this case? Here is where people will face the necessity to change themselves.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. People Change” 7/14/1

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