Preparation for Receiving the Upper Light

509There is nothing in our world that is just invented or made up. Everything is based only on the basis of upper spiritual actions, even what we should eat, how to sit at the table, and what to say.

We are talking about the intention of a person in the process of spiritual work, and not during the meal itself. If he is preparing to receive the upper light, he must know what intentions to make for each reception, for each portion of light, and how this light comes to him.

Our world does not exist at all, it is built on the basis of spiritual roots. Therefore when a person wants to make an exact copy, to put one world on top of another, then he acts physically in our world and at the same time spiritually with his intentions in the upper world. Then he gets an absolutely clear similarity of one world to another, one world seems to be superimposed on another.

This is as if deification of our world, that is, even in his physical actions, a person raises our world to the spiritual. But it is he who does this, and not because there is any special holiness in the animals he slaughters or in the actions he performs, but precisely because he wants to be like the spiritual world in everything that happens to him and within him.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Food Is the Meaning of Life” 9/8/12

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