What Do We Worship?

Laitman_002Torah, Deuteronomy, 28:36: The Lord will lead you and your king whom you will have established over you, to a nation unknown to you or your fathers; and there, you will serve other deities [made] of wood and stone.

The Creator will lead you to a state toward which your egoism aspires, because you do not deserve anything else. And you will worship “other deities of wood and stone,” meaning that which has no connection to the truth.

Today we worship the radio, television, Internet, and all sorts of pseudo-spiritual practices. We engage in educational methods that are useless in principle, and sciences that research only our world, giving us greater penetration into matter (egoism).

We are happy that we can turn matter into anything we want. But for what? Does this give us anything? We have to develop inside of us rather than outside. Yet we have gone the opposite way. For tens of thousands of years, we have been preoccupied with controlling the still, vegetative, and animate degrees of nature, and we exist only for the sake of this.

However, the time now is special. Now we finally have an opportunity to become aware of the dead-end of our development because evolution is bringing humanity to the realization that there is nowhere to keep going.

So what lies ahead for us? Unemployment and emptiness, because robots will replace us in all the jobs. Robots will replace drivers, doctors and employees in the service industry. And what will we do? Perhaps we will tune out and be half-asleep by means of drugs or will freeze ourselves and wait thousands of years for someone to unfreeze us? This is what the world is moving toward.

Indeed, what else can we do with our egoistic desire? Having achieved the maximum, it is practically forcing us to go into all sorts of illusions.

In the meantime, people are incessantly watching TV shows and writing to each other on Facebook and other social networks. But, in principle, we are approaching a state where it will be better to take a pill and fall asleep. Or connect an electrode to our ears that will constantly play movies in front of us while we are half asleep.

That same electrode will allow us to feel all sorts of tastes, smells, and sensations. You will feel that someone is hugging you, that you are having sex or eating some exquisite dishes, and so on.

Comment: Sometimes people even long for this state, in order to tune out from it all…

Answer: Of course they do! This is egoistically justified.

If humanity were able to do this, then of course it would. But the fact of the matter is that there is a program of creation that is above us, and it won’t allow us to dive into this pink fog.

Question: So man won’t fall asleep?

Answer: It is possible, but only for the sake of the realization of evil. We will have to become aware of this possibility as well, along with the evil inherent in it. It is possible that one generation will fall through the cracks, but that doesn’t matter. In our world the bodies are born and die, but the souls are always circulating. Therefore, we will get through all of this.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/14/16

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