The Metronome Effect in Our Lives

522.01Question: You have repeatedly cited the metronome effect, which is the fact that metronomes moving randomly will suddenly begin to move in synchrony after a while.

There is one very important detail here, the metronomes should stand on the same base. If you put synchronous metronomes on different bases, they will loosen up after a while. There should be a single base for the metronomes.

Today’s humanity resembles such versatile metronomes. Everyone is moving in different directions. What base should be placed under all these “metronomes” so that they will suddenly begin to move harmoniously together after some time?

Answer: It is the law of mutual dependence, absolute mutual dependence. The dependence of every person on everyone, everyone on everyone else.

Comment: But now everyone, including scientists, claim that today’s humanity resembles one village that is dependent on each other. Even we see it.

My Response: But I do not see an immediate consequence that would stop me from making egoistic actions. Therefore, it does not help.

Question: So does all this remain in theory? Scientists talk, let them talk.

What should we do to come to this law? In principle, it is a logical law that we are all already really in a mutual relationship. Somewhere there is war and the whole world suffers; someone quarrels somewhere and the whole world suffers. Can some kind of dictatorship squeeze the world? You are in mutual relationship with everything!

Answer: No, this will not be the fulfillment of a voluntary, heartfelt law. In this way, you can put everyone in a row and that is it.

Question: Do you also want it to be voluntary and heartfelt?

Answer: With the realization that without this, we will be lost. It must be this way.

Question: When does awareness come? When I can no longer bear it?

Answer: Yes, probably so, with the realization that, otherwise it is impossible.

Question: So now are we being led to a dead end?

Answer: Yes. We live in good times.

Question: The great Kabbalist sages have said: “We would not like to live in this time.” Do you think we live in this time?

Answer: We are getting closer. What will happen next is hard to imagine. It will be such a study on our own flesh that.

Question: Do you directly perceive the words of the sages of the distant past that they would not want to live in this time?

Answer: Yes. Both literally and figuratively, in every sense.

Question: So difficult times await us if we do not come to our senses? And to come to your senses is again, as you say, to come to love for your neighbor?

Answer: Yes, nothing else. This is the law, and it must be fulfilled.

We will wait until the loving hand of the Creator squeezes us from above.

Question: He, being loving, is making us become loving?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And then will everything end and a completely different dimension will begin?

Answer: We will be like metronomes. This is called being on one basis.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/9/23

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