Create Something that Does Not Exist

961.2A person who studies Kabbalah internally feels that this is exactly the place where he should be.

One feels that this is precisely the truth because in no case does it decide anything for him. And on each path, one not only moves somewhere in a certain direction, but a person himself builds his future state. It does not exist!

All religions and beliefs describe that there is hell somewhere, paradise somewhere, the promised land somewhere, and some temple, some devils, ghouls, angels, no matter who, what, and how. All this does not exist at all!

There is no Creator! He does not exist!

Even a person does not exist! There is an animal in which there is a point, the germ of the soul without any direction, and there are instructions on how to create everything else from this point.

Our world is called “this world” because it does not exist either, there is just an animalistic state. The future world is the next state each time, and you create everything that is in these states by yourself. In the end, you even create the Creator.

Kabbalah is an instruction for a person to exit the animalistic state. There is only a small point in him, the germ of his next spiritual state that he must cultivate and create in himself. This point comes with instructions.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. The Difference between Kabbalah and Other Methods” 9/8/12

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