The Method of Universal Interconnection from Adam to Moses

208The group of Abraham, who agreed to work on the attainment of the upper world and left Babylon with him, subsequently felt that they were plunging into great egoism, which was called the Egyptian exile, from the spiritual state that they were yearning to reach.

Once they overcame this hatred for each other and came out of it, they suddenly discovered a completely new relationship between them. Then they began to feel the laws of human exchange and negotiation, which were later described in the book called the Torah (Bible).

It describes not just personal connection between people, but a method of universal interconnection, that is, very complex interactions when people are one system.

Adam, the first person who revealed the spiritual, spoke and wrote only about himself. He was going to adapt nature within himself, he was alone.

Abraham, however, is a completely different degree, the next level. He said: “All people need to unite! The egoism that has arisen between us is the perfect material for spiritual work. This is what separates us, and breaks all the elements of interaction between us. In fact, they exist so that we can correctly assemble them between us. Let’s assemble a scheme from them. Perhaps we will even discover that the scheme already exists in some way, we just need to start running it, and treat it correctly. If we start treating each other with love, with the correct interaction between us, we will see what kind of system is formed between us.”

At the next stage, the leader of this group was Moses; he described the spiritual system in the Torah. In it, he outlined all its laws and began to describe this system from two sides so that everyone could understand it correctly, perceive it, and begin to commute themselves in it as an integral part.

Practically, the entire Torah is laws of commutation. This is why it says: “Love your neighbor as yourself is the main law of the Torah.”

Love means joining the spiritual system without any interference, completely in your absolute realization.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Days When Miracles Happen” 10/7/12

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