We Will Come and We Will See

276.04Question: Why does our world believe that truth is a logical explanation in the mind? That it is not a feeling, but a clear explanation, as if trying to prove a formula.

Answer: We have nothing else to rely on. We love logic because it puts us in a state where our sensations are unable to prove their truth to us.

In the spiritual world, however, this is not necessary, because in the world of bestowal, connection, and love you begin to connect with the other parts of spiritual matter. In this case, you do not need any proofs and confirmations because everything is in you. You have a sensation of absolute knowledge and feeling, because apart from this nothing exists at all, and this is absolutely clear.

It is clear, and not due to whether we feel it or not, like it is in our world. After all, one can say: “There are still some worlds, some other states there around the corner or somewhere else.” No. In the spiritual world, you feel the true state of the universe, besides which there is nothing else, since the feeling of the upper world is the feeling of its root, its source—the Creator.

Therefore no doubt arises in you; there is nothing that you could add, but not because of your limited perception or some mental limitations, as it is in our world. For example, start talking about lofty matters with some tractor driver and he will tell you: “What is out there! Nothing else exists except for my house and the general store.”

It is from the attainment of the absolute, complete, interconnectedness, the absence of any restrictions in the form of space, time, and movement, that you reveal that you are in the only state that exists. It is not even clear what “only existing” means, but there is nothing else besides it.

This is also very difficult for us to determine; that something still exists and something does not. We always start from the opposite because it is beyond words. We will come and see.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Logic Rules the World” 9/15/12

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